Choosing the right gauge for your new metal roof.

Picking the right gauge for a metal roof is an important decision that can impact the performance, durability, and cost of the roof. Gauge refers to the thickness of the metal sheet, with a lower gauge indicating a thicker sheet. At Nu-Ray we offer a selection of high quality metal panel thicknesses with a variety of coatings.

There are some factors to consider when picking the right roof gauge for your metal roofing project:

Building codes and regulations: Before selecting a gauge, it is important to check local building codes and regulations to ensure that the chosen gauge meets the minimum requirements for the specific project.

Environmental factors: The expected environmental factors such as high winds, snow, and hail can impact the appropriate gauge for a metal roof. In regions with high winds, thicker gauge metal may be required to withstand the pressure. Similarly, in areas with heavy snow, thicker gauge metal may be necessary to support the weight.

Roof slope: The slope of the roof can impact the appropriate gauge for a metal roof. For roofs with a low slope, thicker gauge metal may be necessary to prevent water from ponding on the roof and causing damage.

Budget: Thicker gauge metal is generally more expensive than thinner gauge metal. Therefore, the budget available for the project will impact the appropriate gauge for the metal roof.

Aesthetic preferences: The thickness of the metal can impact the visual appearance of the roof. Thinner gauge metal tends to have a more streamlined, modern appearance, while thicker gauge metal can provide a more substantial, traditional look. 

Coating and painting options. At Nu-Ray we offer a variety of metal roof coating and color options. Some are only available in certain gauges. You can veiw our full brochure on all our options. 

Selecting the appropriate gauge for a metal roof requires careful consideration. The team at Nu-Ray can be your one stop for expert advice. We have decades of metal roofing installation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Give us a call for a consultation on your unique roofing needs.  

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